Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is SmartLEARN?

    SmartLEARN is a LMS (Learning Management System) portal built for trainers, tutors and teachers to easily create online courses to unleash their knowledge and to monetize in the booming e-learning digital economy.

  • Who created SmartLEARN? (Is it going to last?)

    SmartLEARN is a special project developed by . Will was a senior-lecturer mentor with the Institute of Technical Education (Singapore) for 16-year. He created the first generation LMS (Learning Management System) e-learning portal for ITE (College East) in 2012. He represented ITE/Singapore in Multi-Platform LMS Regional Training Programme @ SEAMEO VOCTECH Brunei in 2017. He was a mentor/lead-trainer in ITE HQ training new lecturers in ITE’s MyConnexion/LMS. He is now a full-time LMS specialist with AI Singapore for its LearnAI portal. He is also developing, administrating and helping his wife’s – a Chinese Language (PSLE) e-learning portal.

    So to answer the question if SmartLEARN is going to last? Well, now that you know Will literally live and breath LMS, especially the part that he gonna take care of his spouse’s LMS portal … no pun intended (lol) … SmartLEARN will not only last, it will be on par (if not better) than the big top tier LMSes out there!

  • Why should you be using SmartLEARN?

    SmartLEARN is a world-class LMS (Learning Management System) online learning portal built for trainers, tutors and teachers by Will - who is a trainer (DACE certified; Diploma in Adult Continuous Education), tutor (web coach) and an ex-teacher himself. Not only is he passionate in developing the best LMSes, he fully understand that LMS itself is just but a tool - it's how to use the tool (the LMS) the right way that's important!

    SmartLEARN is built with affordability and effectiveness in mind - in fact, it's literally FREE to start creating your online courses! (Only PAID courses has a low 5% transaction fee; to keep SmartLEARN running)

    So if you looking to leverage on the multi-billion Digital Knowledge Economy, kickstart your online course creation with SmartLEARN!

  • SmartLEARN is a .sg – It is for Singapore only?

    Yes and no. Though SmartLEARN is primarily targeting Singapore-based trainers, tutors and teachers to create online courses easily - the learners and students for the e-courses can be anywhere in the world. That's the beauty of an e-learning portal - the audience can be from anywhere as long as he/she is online.

    P.S. Do note that for now, the currency of paid courses is in SGD only.

  • Why can’t I sign up as a subscriber/learner? What courses do you have?

    SmartLEARN is currently in the BETA stage which we are only allowing instructors registration. If you are a trainer, tutor or teacher looking for a free reliable LMS to host your online courses, you are welcomed to sign up as an instructor here.